The Film Student

Episode 6:

Episode 5: Kyle Rogers deals with all the elements of filming on the beach in November in his film “Small Talk”.

Watch Kyle battle with dogs all over his set, a huge paragliding kite in his background, and wedding party noise on the beach as he attempts to film his movie on 35mm.

Episode 4: Devin Myler’s casting comes down to wire in his horror flick “Skeletons”.

Check out how Devin and the Toronto Film School’s Hart Massey discover his lead character on this week’s episode of “The Film Student”. Watch the director’s cut here!

Episode 3: Toronto Film School’s Armen Bunag learns how to work with child actors in her heartfelt comedy “My Brother Said”.

Check out how Armen handles her young cast in a film about first crushes, on this week’s episode of “The Film Student”.

Episode 2: Toronto Film School’s Daniel McIndoe experiments with green screen in his drama “Flash”, about a young guy whose life flashes before his eyes.

Check out the trials and tribulations of this week’s student filmmaker.

Watch The Film Student Season 5 brought to you from The Toronto Film School.

Episode 1: “The Draft” follows film student Ho Anderson tackle the 1970s on 16mm.

Enjoy the creation!

This is the poster for ‘The Film Student’ season 5. It is currently airing Monday and Thursday’s at 7:30pm on Rogers TV channel 10 or 63.